The opportunity

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

In 2019, the Belgian Evangelical Mission is celebrating 100 years of evangelism and church-planting in Belgium. Founded on such a legacy, we want to look forward and engage in a new venture of innovation and impact our contemporary Western world with the Gospel of Jesus.

BEM is transitioning into a fully missional dynamic with a renewed vision, strategy and identity. To achieve this vision of seeing a thriving movement of integrated communities of disciples of Jesus, all over Belgium and the West, we need to reflect and learn from what God is doing around us, and especially in the Western world.

The vision

A unique time of sharing with each other, learning from one another, journeying together towards a clearer and more relevant vision on how to incarnate Jesus, make disciples, and gather communities in this changing world.

An opportunity to connect with like-minded thinkers and practitioners from around the Western world (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, UK, Spain, Italy, … but also the US, South Africa, …) and cross diverse journeys in one open sharing space… the AGORA.

The contributors

100 guests from around the Western world (Belgium, the Netherland, France, the UK, USA,

South Africa, Germany, …), contributing with their reflection and experience on integrating the Gospel in our contemporary Western culture.

They have already confirmed…

(list of confirmed contributors with origin and input)

The program

Collaborative learning sessions, round-tables, thematic conversation meals, … different sharing spaces to learn from each other’s reflection.

But also, direct experiences of participative discovery, alternative liturgies, … different gathering spaces to taste from each other’s experiments.

And of course, eat and drink, and laugh together in building old and new friendships with one another.



Every participant, on invitation only, is offered board and lodging.

We do open the possibility for a free open contribution.


We believe this gathering has a huge potential for the advancement of the Gospel in the West. Even if you are not participating, would you consider supporting this initiative?


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